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What is Omega Hellas? It is the way we treat our clients!

Omega Hellas. Rent-a-car

Omega Hellas

A human behavior, a story of success.

Our fundamentals, liability, loyalty and a moderate start up.

Considering our clients as well as our colleageus, members of our big Omega Hellas family.

Same, hard working, awarding the loyalty and kindness, today lead by our long experience in the field of cars, step on to the one of tourism by a new modern vehicle fleet and a varierty of services, aiming to offer our clients solutions to any of their needs.

Car rental, chauffer service, transportation, in-city tours, excursions and special mini wans for the transport of handicapped people.

We do cover the professional field by  offering solutions to any special comercial need.

We are truth policy supportive. No hidden strings, no hidden charges. Friendly, well educated personel, easy to deal with, flexible terms and conditions so as to meet your needs with no reduce to our service quality.

What does all these mean to our clients; That we stand by them in a preveledge givning way, allowing us to promote the vanguardia, expand the investigation and try new aspects that confront the market call.


With the years of experience in the automotive industry, we are expanding to the field of tourism with a fleet of modern and new vehicles and the wide range of services we provide, aiming to provide transport solutions, responding to every need of our customer.

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Our fleet consists of new cars, new models that are constantly renewed and offer the ultimate driving experience at the lowest prices!

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