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Regardless what your travel plan is, with family or not, renting a car is always a great choice giving you the freedom to travel whenever and wherever you want. That is why it is very important to make the right choise for everyone.

To enhance your travelling experience, Omega Hellas offers you additional equipment so as you and your family/company have the best but also safest travel experience.

Please keep in mind that any extras should be pre-booked along with the car. If you have not book one, please be aware of the fact that we may not always be able to fulfil your request due to availability reasons.

Please find below, a list of additional options available :

Child seat

sAsiento para niños. Navegador. para niños-silla de codhe

Child seat is a must when driving with a child in auto. In addition in Greece it is a legal requirement. Normally you will be responsible for fitting the chair into your rent car. Please make sure it is installed correctly and always double-check before starting your journey.

Please request for child seat or booster at the moment of vehicle booking.

Child Booster

Asiento para niños. Navegador. asiento en coche para niños 3 a 8 años

Older children may still need extra help to be safely buckled in. A booster seat will ensure that your child is ready to travel safely and comfortably in the car. Safety always comes first so make sure that you comply with the local safety regulations when driving.

Please request for child seat or booster at the moment of vehicle booking. You are responsible for the seat installation in accordance with the instructions provided.

Navigator (G.P.S)

Although a navigation system is a standard equipment at most of Omega Hellas vehicles it is always useful to have an extra portable one so as to make sure you save time and effort traveling Greece.


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